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At The Innis Company we know why successful people succeed and, when they don’t, how to help them. We’ve spent more than 30 years working with business executives to break through the “barriers” that prevent them from succeeding at the highest levels. We offer to companies, associations, senior leaders and executives, group workshops, individual coaching and keynote addresses on this subject.

Brand Builder™ Inventory
By Karyl Innis

All personal brand builders use the same tools, so whether you aim to be a billion dollar brand or not… here’s the inventory list of tools you must have in your kit.

Personal Branding Tools:

A huge dose of self knowledge. Nothing else matters until you have this one under your belt. An accurate read on how others see you. Without an accurate image of yourself as others see you, your brand building efforts are likely to fail.

  • Sound bite – an 8 word or less description of your brand.
  • Brand statement – your positioning statement in one sentence.
  • Brand proof – examples of accomplishments that prove your positioning.
  • Brand promise – the “thing” you will always deliver.
  • Personal commercials – 15, 30, 60 and 120 second versions of your expanded brand statement, including brand proof, often delivered verbally.
  • Personal Introduction statement – includes all of the above plus selected personal details
  • intended to create connection with your audience.
  • Biography – your personal life narrative edited and focused on work related benchmarks.
  • Resume – a personal history of your work and educational achievements.

Where to use these Branding Tools:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Company performance reviews
  • In company talent management documents
  • Personal website
  • Social networking sites like: Twitter & Facebook
  • Professional blog, your own or others
  • Newsletter articles
  • Resume data bases
  • Search firm data bases
  • Professional organizations’ directories
  • Conference and meeting attendee rosters

Coming to understand my brand and my brand promise as a mechanism for the generation of wealth is what I learned from John. Being 45 years old, with two degrees, and 20 years of Fortune 50 experience, you’d think that would be something that I would have understood years ago, but, I was too focused on “stuff” to really see my value proposition. Invaluable counsel.

– CFO, world-wide construction/project management company

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