Executive Coaching has emerged as the hottest trend in executive and leadership development for a reason. When it is done right, it works!

The Innis Company does it right…our Executive Coaching experience is extensive and spans a variety of industries and issues. The Innis Company coaches have completed successful engagements for companies such as Cisco, Capgemini Energy, Texas Instruments, TXU, Vistra, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Texas Children’s Hospital, Chesapeake, Shell, JP Morgan Chase, Bain and Company, Mercer and many others.

As companies change, markets change and opportunities arise; people need to meet the new challenges. Often this requires doing things in a new way, learning and growing in directions different than the past.

The experts at The Innis Company created and utilize the Behavioral GAP Analysis Approach© as a way to help corporations create more effective leaders and to bridge the gap between whom the executive is and whom he or she needs to be to succeed.

The New Brand : YOU!® is a unique coaching approach for executives interested in personal branding. We utilize a marketing approach to personal career management. The concept of personal branding allows leaders to clarify their positioning in their career environment and align their personal behavior with their desired public perception.

The Innis Company specializes in three types of executive coaching:


Behavior and leadership challenges, professional image, communication styles and social skills


Career growth acceleration, work-life balance issues, fine tuning professional and leadership skills and behaviors


New position, new geography or new management

The firm utilizes and is certified in The Birkman Method®, Assess®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®.

It is completed. Thanks to you I formed a Business Turnaround consulting team and am having a blast doing just what I know and love on my own schedule. I OWE YOU!

Elisabeth Humphries
Business Turnaround Specialist
BEH Inc., Valuations and Services

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