Businesses are evolving faster than ever before, and that means changes may also occur in the team. The termination of an employee is difficult for all parties involved. It is challenging for the employee who has held a position and now has to face change on all fronts – personal and professional. It is also difficult for the CEO or executive that has to deliver the message. Whether a line employee or an executive, it is important that the termination process is handled in a professional manner. The Innis team has more than 30 years of experience helping organizations and employees though all the steps in this process.

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive approach for all parties
  • Tailored services to meet your individual needs
  • Mobile friendly 24/7 access through our online tools

What makes us different:

The career transition programs are based on the proprietary, copyrighted, intellectual property of The Innis Company. The intellectual model the firm built and uses presumes that career transition is about learning how to manage the rest of one’s career, as well as finding the right, next job. The Innis Company’s content and expertise is targeted to those companies who are concerned about process and outcomes for separated employees; companies that care about the experience their employees have after they leave the firm and care about the relationship the firm has with their service provider.

How we work for all three constituencies:

1. The Separated Employee

We are there with you – we provide support and consultation on notification day.

  • On site consultant presence
  • Hands-on emotion management consulting utilizing very practical strategies for handling the next 48 hours for yourself, family, and friends

Provide job search tools and training.

  • One on One Coaching or Workshops
  • Skill development in resume, query and letter writing, targeting and campaign management, interviewing, personal response scripting, image development and other topics
  • In Search of a Job, Lessons from 10,000 Executives comprehensive manual and workbook
  • Career Assessment and Direction
  • Job Search Skill Development Sessions
  • Career Decision Making Programs and Tools
  • Second Career or Alternative Career Programming
  • Retirement Planning
  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Interview Preparation
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Technology Assistance
  • On line career portal
  • Digital career portal with over 200 generic and niche job sites and 1.7 million companies

Executive Advisory Services

  • Personal Branding Programs
  • Personal Value Proposition Clarification
  • Executive Transition Strategies

2. The Manager

  • Personal Coaching to prepare and deliver the Separation Messaging
  • Scripting of message and delivery practice
  • It Isn’t Easy™ Separation Training Video (put a link here)
  • On-site support on Notification Day
  • Situation Feedback and Reporting

3. The Organization

  • Post notification messaging for staff
  • Scripting and rehearsing Management
  • Notification day support
  • On site presence and consulting
  • Change Management Programs
  • CareerMaster® programs for ongoing employees
  • CareerManager® programs for ongoing managers
  • Feedback and progress reports

Additional outplacement services that we offer:

John’s straight from the shoulder style and literally global knowledge regarding the development of successful leaders, helped me immensely with my non-executive board members. His interactions with and “leading” the board to innovative thinking regarding executive succession and development have been extremely helpful.

– CEO who retained John to counsel him and his board on succession issues

Ready to take control of your career?

We offer a full range of career programs and services in 202 locations around the world. We offer different products for different levels of employees and for different employee concerns. There are differing program media and variable program lengths. We are able to scale our program offerings to match a company’s budget. The programs are available in individual or group format. Some are web based.

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