Successful organizations invest in their employees’ personal career growth and development. The Innis Company offers programming for employee development programs: new hire, high potential; special interest group; diversity initiatives or general employee development.

We will partner with organizations to design and implement their strategies and business objectives with our career management programs. These programs can be offered as part of a company’s ongoing training and development efforts or as internal opportunity allows. We can facilitate the programs or we will license the programs and internal trainers may facilitate.

The Innis Company Career Curriculum is a group of proprietary programs developed by the Innis group. It includes off the shelf programs that are designed to solve unique needs for the individual and the organization.

  • CareerMax® – Increase your organization’s employee retention, your employee growth potential and improve morale with this one-day workshop.
  • OfCouncil™ – This program is designed to move leadership development to the next level within your organization.
  • Inside Careers™ – Teach employees how to identify career opportunities within their current organizations.
  • CareerMaster® – Create career confidence and reduce career uncertainty during times of organizational change.
  • CareerManager™ – Provides managers the skills to successfully deal with the career questions and concerns of those they manage.
  • Packing with a Partner – This program helps you and your spouse work through your career issues resulting from the relocation of your spouse’s job.

John’s straight from the shoulder style and literally global knowledge regarding the development of successful leaders, helped me immensely with my non-executive board members. His interactions with and “leading” the board to innovative thinking regarding executive succession and development have been extremely helpful.

– CEO who retained John to counsel him and his board on succession issues

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We offer a full range of career programs and services in 220 locations around the world. We offer different products for different levels of employees and for different employee concerns. There are differing program media and variable program lengths. We are able to scale our program offerings to match a company’s budget. The programs are available in individual or group format.

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