Karyl Innis

Karyl Innis Knows Why Successful People Succeed And When They Don’t, How To Help Them

24 May 2018

Karyl Innis
Karyl Innis:

She is a career expert and the CEO and Founder of The Innis Company, a career management consulting company and one of the most successful woman owned businesses in the country. Her company uses its expertise to advise, coach, create and deliver programs worldwide for elite companies such as Shell, Accenture, Walgreens, Bain and Company, EY, Blue Cross Blue Shield, EFH, Dean Foods, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, JP Morgan Chase & hundreds more.

Karyl’s deep knowledge of corporations and careers, coupled with her personal presence, places her in hundreds of venues: stages, boardrooms, convention halls, interview rooms, conference centers, training rooms, sound stages, radio stations, local and national television studios.

She is featured in numerous corporate videos and training programs and her long list of media credits include video, television, newspapers, magazines, journals, podcasts and radio.

Karyl authoredIn Search of a Job; Lessons from 10,000 Executives, It Isn’t Easy: A Manager’s Guide to Employee Separations, Personal Branding; Lessons from an Expert and 6 other career success books.

Every year, thousands of people create strategies and take action to accelerate their careers fueled by Karyl’s advice, books, models, speeches and workshops. She is America’s Career Coach. The Wall Street Journal called Karyl’s advice “The best you’ve ever heard.”

PRiME is proud to have Karyl as a contributing editor who will be writing monthly articles advising our readers on how best to manage their current career and transitioning to a new life as they retire or perhaps starting a new career.

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