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The Associated Press recently reported the nation's unemployment rate is up to a 2-year high of 5.7 percent and fears of a recession are looming.  A recent U.S. Labor Department report revealed that employment conditions are deteriorating as employers are cautious with the rising uncertainity about how the economy will fare in the months ahead.

With recent major corporation layoffs, such as Pfizer (10,000 jobs), Dell (8,800 jobs), CitiGroup (6,000 jobs), Washington Mutual (3,000 jobs), and Sun Microsystems' (2,500 jobs), both employers and employees are asking themselves, "How secure are we?".

Are Career Transition and Outplacement Still Relevant in this Employment Marketplace?

The answer is YES!  From an employee perspective, career transition services can help them make a major career change, perhaps for the first time in many years.  Some of these services include one-on-one consulting, career assessment and direction, and interview preparation.

From the employer perspective, outplacement services provide support to the internal Human Resource team with services such as pre- and post-termination notification consulting, personal consulting for the separated employee, and post notification messaging for remaining staff.

The Innis Company are experts in career transition.  With more than 20 years in the business of advising corporations, executives, and corporate employees, they understand that wisely managing employee career transition is integral to business success and individual success.

Many Senior Executives question what their personal return would be from engaging an executive coach.

The short answer is the ROI is based on the executive's goals.  This is the strongest benefit of coaching because goals and outcomes are customized for each executive and their needs at a specific point in time.

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Take Yourself from Brand X to You Inc.

Karyl Innis was recently interviewed by The Dallas Morning News Business Columnist, Cheryl Hall, regarding branding yourself in the workplace.

"Hard work is just table stakes in today's world and luck is too fickle to depend on, says Dallas career strategist Karyl Innis. Your name has to stand for something more distinctive than worker bee in your boss's mind."

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