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CAREER KILLER #4 - Clinging to Old Habits and Ways of Thinking

Over the past few months we've shared with you three out of five career killers that can lead to career demise. Our goal is to educate executives so that they lead successful careers.

The previously mentioned career killers are: performance slips, having an undefined personal "market" value, and failing to make friends.



Employees in the unemployment lines are still humming the old tune: “We’ve always done it this way” or “We’d never do that.”

Employees sentence themselves to doom if they continue to use language like “our way” and “your way” and “we’ve always” and “we would never do it that way” during the transition. Presenting lengthy historical perspectives of why things are the way they are will not make one a prime candidate for a new position.

It’s hard to abandon loyalty to an organization but when the new logo goes up the old organization is gone. Every company has its own culture and traditions and it is up to the employee to identify how the old and new are different.

Building Relationships

At the senior leadership level, building relationships is beneficial and necessary during a transition period. We, at The Innis Company, have developed strategies and tactics to enable senior executives to build bridges to the future and foster relationships that encourage career growth.

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A Tall Tale

Karyl Innis recently appeared on CNBC sharing her views on the role of height in the workplace.

A growing waistline may not pay off, but adding height does, especially if you want to get ahead in the business world, with CNBC's Tyler Mathisen.

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