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It seems the answer is “yes.” It also seems that men and women tend to agree on the exact behaviors that are different for women leaders and men leaders.

We recently conducted a survey of both men and women leaders to determine how the sexes match up on specific areas of leadership. The ultimate question being – Do men and women lead differently?

97% of women and 79% of men believe men and women focus their behavior differently as leaders.

  • Specifically, 88% of surveyed women believe men lead by “promoting themselves and their abilities.” It seems many men believe this as well. 60.9% of men believe men work harder than women at “promoting themselves and their abilities”,
  • 70.8% women believe women focus on “seeking input from all concerned sources”; 68.2% of men agree that women are focused on this behavior.

According to the survey, leadership behaviors between the sexes differ in these ways:

-women concentrate on relationships with others by seeking input, organizing, and managing a team; while

-men hone in on the final outcome and promoting their professional abilities.

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Does Height Equal Power?

Karyl Innis recently appeared on The Radio Ritas on Greenstone Radio discussing how a person's height affects their career, perceived power and compensation.

Karyl says that taller people are perceived to have more authority than their shorter counterparts.

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