Sometimes we are unaware that our actions, words and thoughts can have a tremendous impact on our career. In fact, they can be the very thing killing our career.  We share these ideas so that employees can be proactive and avoid their own career downfall.

Last month we covered career killer #1 - performance slips. Now, let's move on to career killer #2.


Sometimes employees believe the power of their previous positions will automatically carry them into the new organization chart. “I’ve been CFO here for 25 years. Of course, they’ll want me to stay.”
In our outplacement practice, we’ve noticed that unemployed managers are frequently those who cannot describe how their experience, skills and talents can help the new organization be successful. They have trouble relating their work and contributions to the overall goal/mission of the organization. They know their job title and salary but can’t quantify their contribution in a way that “speaks” to the new management.

Check back next month for Career Killer #3.


In the early 1970's, I was penniless. . . a student working on my Master’s Degree.
I had won a research assistantship. Since I was poor, I jumped at this chance to work
and be the “gopher” graduate assistant for a professor about seven years into his tenure... He also had a grant to study the job satisfactions of working women.

It took me just a short while to figure out why his studying working women
irritated me. He assumed the job satisfactions of working women would be different than those of working men.

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Senior executives have a unique capacity to affect people all around them and the work that they do; subordinates, peers, superiors, customers, suppliers of products and services. These relationships have great leverage for the senior executive.

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